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Who is Cuppa Jo Jo? The Mobile Coffee Van in Norfolk
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17th July 2017

Who is Cuppa Jo Jo?

Who is Cuppa Jo Jo Featured Image

Jo Jo Martinez, the face behind Cuppa Jo Jo, has always flourished in a world of customer service. The amazing Cuppa Jo Jo is an evolution of life for her and a way of carrying on her late Father’s wishes that she owned her own business doing something that she loves.

Growing up in Wimbledon, South London, she learnt about restaurants at a very early age by helping in friends and family businesses from a child. Then as Jo Jo grew up, she started to take on the work world and started managing teams of staff in pubs and restaurants and found that it was her natural forte. Training people to have the very best customer service skills was something she was good at and loved – a perfect combination.

As a child, coffee machines always fascinated Jo Jo. The elegant aroma and the lure of the shiny machine billowing out steam and fresh, rich coffees was addictive to her.

“Cuppa Jo Jo is the best thing that could happen to me. My bespoke machine I designed and had made at The Big Coffee in Hull with a colour scheme is just perfect. It really is, for me, a living dream!”

Cuppa Jo Jo also has a great respect for health and vitality so decided to introduce fresh Nutrishakes to Cuppa Jo Jo. It’s an innovative and exciting factor of Cuppa Jo Jo and she loves that she is working with fresh seasonal Norfolk product and growers. She just loves it!

I also wouldn’t be able to do it without the amazing help and support from my partner in crime, Chris. When I proposed the idea to him, he was all for it. Anything diesel or petrol related and he is interested! So glad he has been by my side for 26 years and by my side every step of the way with Cuppa Jo Jo.

Cuppa Jo Jo is also a dog lover two. With two of her own called Lois and Jobbins, she decided that she can’t leave the 4 legged, waggy-tailed companions out. That is why she has teamed up with Arthur’s Pet Bakery to supply healthy dog treats for the pooch’s that pass by Cuppa Jo Jo too. Don’t be afraid to bring your dog along!  

Who is Cuppa Jo Jo